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Displays a flight attendant's Recurrent Emergency Training information and also the RET month.


FILE # Enter your file number.
LAST NAME Enter your last name.
FI Enter your first initial.
DOM Enter your domicile.

Shortcut Example: RETREC/162611

You will see a response similar to the following:

retrec screen

RET must be completed in the month before, during, or the month after the training base month. The training base month is found to the right of the RET MONTH field. Mine is 'May' above.

Your annual RET qualification is current for an airplane type if both of the following are true:

  • The most recent RET completion date and instructor number is entered under the DATE and INSTR# columns next to the airplane type, and;
  • The most recent RET completion date, entered next to the airplane type under the DATE column, must not have occurred more than 13 months from the current date.

If you are not RET qualified, then a 'Q' will appear in your LOF.

This information in RETREC was previously found on the old FDTR screen under RF Field 7 and completion was signified by the presence of a month, day and year next to the aircraft type.

Related Commands

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FAQUAL Displays various flight attendant qualifications.
INIDIT Displays the Initial Ditching Qualification Training information also known as Overwater Qualifications.
INIEQP Contains the IT (Initial Training) date, IOE (Initial Operating Experience) and all individual training programs (everything previously on the old FDTR screen).
INISVC Screen contains the Initial Service Qualification Training information
QLMENU Displays the menu of flight attendant qualification screens.
RETOLD Displays the previous update of Recurrent Emergency Training information.
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