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Displays a specific domicile's list of trips in Open Flying.


DATE Enter date in DDMMM format.
DOM Enter the 3-digit domicile code.
TOF Enter 'D' for domestic. Enter 'I' for international. Leave blank for all.
TIME-BANK Used to specify earliest and latest departure times. Don't bother to complete this, it's a waste of time.
LNG For language qualified flight attendants only. Better to leave blank so that you can see both language and non-language trips. If you want a list on only language trips, enter LNG in this field.
DYS Enter the number of days the Open Flying trips should contain.
PRT Enter a 'P' to print the requested list.

Quick shortcut example: OPNTRP/17JUL/LAX

Example of the OPNTRP screen

opntrp screen

The above example shows the open trips at LAX for July 17.

Notice the 'L' under the KEY column in three of the ID's? The 'L' under the KEY heading on the above three trips indicates that at least one segment within that ID qualifies for Language Incentive Pay.

Special Note

From approximately the 23rd of the current month through the 7th of the following month, there are two months of OPNTRP data in the computer system. Therefore, if you are requesting a list of open trips next month, and are still in this month, you need to specify the month in order to get the correct display.

Related Commands

DSPDSL Displays a trip ID scheduled beyond 72 hours from now.
DSPFAI Used to enter a request for WOP, GWOP, OFR, or Trip Trade.
DSPOPN Displays a domicile's Open Flying trade allotment.
LIPTRP Display open and potentially open Language Incentive Pay trips.
MOVEUP Use to modify your information on the Reserve Move Up List.
MUADIT Displays the Reserve Move-Up List flight attendant award records. Use to check which flight attendants were given a Reserve Move Up Line.
MULIST Displays a list of flight attendants requesting a Reserve Move Up Line.
PURTRP Display open and potentially open Purser trips.
RLFTRP Display open trips marked for Relief.
RSVFND Displays position on the reserve list. This command is outdated. Use RSVFLY instead.
RSVFLY Displays a list of available reserves.
RSVSKD Displays a list of available reserves. Older command.
SAMDAY Displays a domicile's Same Day Open Flying trade allotments.
TRDLST Displays a list of flight attendants requesting trades with Open Flying.

Useful Information

AFA's Reserve Information

JSN Reserve page

Scheduling Information (UAL) pdf icon(3 pages - 157 KB)

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Page Updated: July 16, 2005
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