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Displays a list of flight attendants requesting a trip from Open Flying.


DOM Enter 3-character domicile code.
TOF Enter 'D' for domestic. Enter 'I' for international. Leave blank for all.
DATE Enter date in DDMMM format.
DAYS Leave blank for all trips.
PRINT Enter a 'P' to print the requested list.

You can also quickly type: OFLIST/DOM/TOF/DATE

Shortcut example: OFLIST/LAX/I/04AUG

Example of the OFLIST screen

Example of the OFLIST screen

The above example shows the LAX flight attendants who are requesting an international trip on Aug 4 out of Open Flying. Note the P column. The numbers here (mostly 4's with two 7's) indicate the priority these flight attendants will have in getting the trip awarded. You can tab to a flight attendant's specific trip request and press ENTER for more information.

Example of a flight attendant's specific trip request

Example of a flight attendant's specific trip request in oflist

The above example shows that LAX flight attendant Willy Wonka is requesting a trip on Aug 4 out of Open Flying. The specific ID he's requesting is ID 6020.  Note he's marked an 'X' in the #8 LOST TIME - RDO box to indicate his priority.

Of course, lost time due to RDO only puts Mr. Wonka on the #8 position on this list, so he's not as likely to get an open trip awarded as, say, someone who is making up sick leave.

Well actually, he didn't get the trip anyway: see the RJ59 - NO MATCHING TRIP AVAILABLE notice at the bottom?

About the Reserve Move-Up List

Remember, you can add your name to the Reserve Move Up list either during the bidding period by using the LOFBID screen, or after bids close by using MOVEUP.

Related Commands

LOFBID Used to input your Primary Monthly Bids.
MOVEUP Use to modify your information on the Reserve Move Up List.
MUADIT Displays the Reserve Move Up List flight attendant entry records.

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