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Displays training and meeting classes available.


TYPE Enter in the type of course type you are looking for. Past course types have included RET, EQP, DIT, SVC. Check with your supervisor as to the correct course code.
SEC Section number.  If you don't know it, leave this field blank.
STA 3 character training location.
DATE Training date.  You can be specific (02/FEB/06) or general (FEB).
PRT Enter a 'P' to print the requested list.

Shortcut Example: CLSLIS/RET//SFO/19JUL05

You will see a response similar to the following:

clslis response screen

The above example shows two different R.E.T. classes for July 20, 2005. Both clases start at 1000 and last until 1545, unless somebody is really slow in the mockup. To see a list of flight attendants in a specific section, tab to just at the right of the section's start date and press ENTER.

You will see a screen similar to the following:

class roster list for RET

Well there you go. You can see the members in your class, as well as the pay and expenses. Looks like somebody was removed, so there's probably a space that opened up in this class. Commuters take note.

Related Commands

ROSDSP Displays a list of flight attendants in a specific class.
ROSLIS Displays a list of flight attendants in a specific class from specific domicile.
QLMENU Displays a list of your qualification information.

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