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Displays your DAT days used.


FILE # Enter your file number.
DOM Enter your 3-character domicile code.

You can also quickly type: DSPFDA/FILE#/DOM

Quick shortcut example: DSPFDA/162611/LAX

Example of an FDA screen

Example of an FDA screen

The above example shows the screen you get if you haven't used any DAT days for the year.  If you had used some, you would see dates in the blank spaces.

Related Commands

DSPFAI Used to enter a request for WOP, GWOP, OFR, or Trip Trade.
DSPREQ Displays trade requests on file (Trip Trades, WOP, GWOP).
DIS*14160 Displays the Vacation Bid Information screen.
DIS*27874 Displays the Vacation Trade Form.

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