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Used to display the IDs assigned to a specific flight. 


FLT Enter the flight number.
DT Enter the date using the DD format.
STA Enter the station the flight is departing from.
CAT Enter 'S' for flight attendant IDs.  Enter 'P' for pilot IDs.

You can also quickly type: FLTID/FLT/DT/STA/CAT

Quick shortcut example: FLTID/640/24/LAX/S

Example of a FLTID screen

Example of a FLTID screen

The example above is a list of all the flight attendant IDs assigned to Flight #640 on July 24. You can display the actual ID by tabbing to the end of each line and pressing ENTER.

Notice the little ( ) symbol before DSPID/2494? You must delete this symbol (or any other strange looking symbols) before you can display the ID.

Special Note

You must remember to type a / after FLTID, when entering this command.

Related Commands

DSPDSL Displays IDs that are scheduled beyond 72 hours from now.
PLTID Displays an active trip ID for pilots.

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