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Displays a domicile's Same Day Open Flying trade allotments.


DOM Enter the 3-character domicile code.
TOF Enter D for domestic or I for international.
MO Enter the month number.

You can also quickly type: SAMDAY/DOM/TOF/MO

Shortcut Example: SAMDAY/LAX/D/7

Example of a SAMDAY screen

samday screen

The above example shows July's domestic Same Day Open Flying allotment for LAX. Take a look at July 13. The first number after this date shows the total amount of Same Day Open Flying trades allowed for that day. In this case, it's 15. The second number shows the amount used thus far. In the case of July 13, there have been 15 Same Day trades with Open Flying already and that day is completely full. Game over.

This screen, along with DSPOPN, will be the most irritating display of images you will ever view on a computer.


When considering the Open Flying allotment, remember that the quota is based on days you are trying to trade out of. It doesn't affect days you are trying to trade into. This is extremely important to remember when arranging your trade preferences. Take another look at the example above. If you had a two-day trip on July 15, you would be unable to trade out of that trip with Open Flying (the allotment is full on July 16).

What is the Open Flying Allotment amount?

Same day trades have a set of different allotment amount. This allotment is 10% above the 4% allotment for regular open flying. In other words, Same Day trades will be processed beyond the 4% allocation to the maximum of 10%.

Here's some contractual information on Trip Trading with Open Flying:

Trip Trading for Open Flying

  1. Lineholders may trade ID(s) in their lines of flying with open flying.
  2. The daily allocation shall not be less than four percent (4%) of the total active Flight Attendant population for each domicile. If the domicile is assigned more than one type of flying, the allocation shall be proportioned based on the number of lineholder and relief positions for each type of flying assigned to the domicile. A fractional number will be rounded up. If the needs of the service permit, Onboard Scheduling may allow the daily allocation to be exceeded.

    Same day trades will be processed beyond the allocation outlined above up to ten percent (10%) of the proportionate allocation for each type of flying.
  3. Trades shall be awarded prior to the open flying process each day, and will begin to be processed before the 1200-1500 open flying process on the last day of the old month.
  4. Section 9.G.2.b. through f. rules will apply.
  5. Trades shall be processed in the following manner:
    • Trades shall be submitted by the Flight Attendant in preferential order.
    • Trades shall be processed in preferential order by seniority until the most senior Flight Attendant is awarded one (1) trade or until her/his preferences are exhausted and no trade can be made.
    • Awarding shall continue in accordance with sub-paragraph 2. above until each Flight Attendant’s preferences have been processed.
    • Should a balance of the allocation remain after processing all Flight Attendant trades in accordance with sub-paragraph 2., the award process will be run again in seniority order.
    • Trip trades shall only be awarded to qualified Flight Attendants in accordance with the above provisions.


This allotment display shows only those trade allotments for trading a trip for another trip on the same day.  Thus the name SAMDAY.  If you want to trade with Open Flying for a trip falling on a different day, use DSPOPN to check the allotment.

See also: Trip Trading with Open Flying pdf icon

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