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The Ending of an Era

Nov 25 - In honor of the 20th Anniversary of Jumpseatnews, I’ve decided to publish one final major update on that day. This time, however, instead of a news article, it will be a very special JSN video.

Holiday Bonus Point Reflected in Work History Record

Feb 10 - Flight Attendants who met the criteria to receive the Holiday Bonus Point can now view that extra point in their Work History Record on CCS or in Unimatic (FDWH).

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Access Unimatic >>

Takes you directly to Unimatic/Apollo via FlyingTogether login.

Technical Support

Problems with Unimatic? Can't connect?

Unimatic Tutorial

Detailed list and reference tutorial of the commands.


Unimatic for iPhone and iPad

Unimatic app for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones.

9 Useful Unimatic Commands

One of the original pages created on Jumpseatnews.com back in May, 2000.

Great ESC ESC 1 2 Mystery

Using ESC ESC 1 2 to view the IBS or ASNSHO screens from home.

Unimatic Connection Problems

Troubleshoots the most common connection problems with Unimatic.

10 F/A Computer Tips

Here are some computer tips we think you'll find useful.

Bidding Sucks

It shouldn't be so difficult, error-prone, and time-consuming to arrange a monthly schedule.

Other Computer Assistance

7 Must-know Tips For Using iPad mini

The iOS 6.0.2 employed by iPad mini is very easy to use, however there are still many using tips and tricks that are not easy to find for the new iPad mini users.

These 10 iPhone Tricks Will Save Your Life!

iPhone is an incredible machine,but when everything goes wrong it's hell. Here are some tips, that will help you solve the most common problems.

Should I Sell My iPhone and Buy a Newer Model?

With the latest upgrade in iPhone technology just released many people are asking themselves "should I sell my iPhone and upgrade to the latest model?"

Is It Possible to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From an iPhone?

How many times have you deleted a text message that is full of information that you need back? Do you think that text message is gone forever? In some cases, that may hold true, but there is a good chance that you can get some or all of the information back.

The Simplest Way to Setup Outlook Email on Your iPad

Since many business professionals and others, would like to open and read their work related emails from home, the need to set up emails to Microsoft Outlook is vital.

Constructing Unimatic - Circa 1947 Constructing Unimatic -- Circa 1947

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