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Displays a flight attendant's specific trade transactions on file.


ACTN Enter the request type: TRD, or OFR
DOM Enter the 3 character domicile code.
FILE # Enter the file number.
NAME Enter the last name, first initial.  (Optional)

Shortcut Example: DSPADT/TRD/LAX/162611

You will see a response similar to the following:

dspadt screen

So far this screen looks exactly like the one you get with DSPREQ. But now tab to a specific request and press ENTER.

Example of an individual trade as viewed by DSPADT:

example of an individual trade as viewed by dspadt

You can now view the 'audit trail' of your specific trade and find out exactly what happened to it. As you can see, my trade for ID 6244/01JUL was first placed on file at 12:42 p.m. on June 29. Then it was rejected on June 30 (because the dumb open flying allotments were exceeded) and yet again on July 1.

There are many other reasons why trades are rejected. You should view and print a copy of the Trade Rejection Codes for further information.

Special Note

The listing of trade audit transactions starts at the bottom of the list and moves upwards.  In other words, the list shows the most recent transaction first, then the next most recent, and so on, etc...

Related Commands

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DSPOPN Displays a specific domicile's day by day open flying trade quota.
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