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Displays a trip ID scheduled beyond 72 hours from now.


ID The ID number.
DATE MM is month number
DD is day number the ID originates
YY is the year. (optional)
EQP Leave blank.  Or to check a pilot's ID, enter aircraft equipment type.
CAT Enter 'S' if you are a flight attendant. Enter 'P' if you are a pilot.
TZ Enter the station you want to set the ID's time to.  (optional)

You can also quickly type: DSPDSL ID/DATE (use DD for current month)//CAT

Quick shortcut example: DSPDSL 4225/12//S
(Use for IDs in the current month.)

Quick shortcut example: DSPDSL 4225/08-12//S
(Use for IDs next month.)

Example of a DSPDSL screen

Example of a DSPDSL screen

This example shows ID 4225 on August 5, 2005.

Related Commands

DSPID Displays an active trip ID for flight attendants.
PLTID Displays an active trip ID for pilots.

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