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Displays the flight attendants on a specific flight segment.


FLT Enter the flight number.
DATE DD is Day Number the ID Originates
MMM is Month Number
YY is Year. (optional)
A/D Arrival or Departure (A or D)
STA Enter the 3-character station code.
PRINT Enter 'P' to print results. (optional)

You can also quickly type: FLTLOF FLT/DATE/D/STA

Shortcut Example: FLTLOF 979/27JUL/D/LAX

Shortcut Example 2: FLTLOF 979/27JUL/D/LAX
(This example would print your results.)

Example of the FLTLOF screen

Example of the FLTLOF screen

I won't bother explaining this FLTLOF, because if you've never seen one by now...you're in serious trouble!

Related Commands

DIS*38555 Displays the Onboard Service F/A Staffing Guidelines Index.
DSLLOF Displays flight attendants on a specific ID number and date.
FLTLNG Display a list of flight attendants on a flight with their qualified languages.
IBSBDS Displays an Inflight Briefing Sheet (IBS) on your computer screen.
IBSBPR Prints an Inflight Briefing Sheet (IBS) on a Unimatic terminal.
WRKPOS Displays specific work positions throughout the ID.

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