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DIS*9898 (also known as DPSI)

Displays passenger loads (24 hours +/-).

Type: DIS*9898

You'll get a response similar to the following:

dis9898 screen

______ Enter the flight number.
DDMMM Enter the day and month. Example: 03JUL
STA Enter the 3-digit departure station code.

You can quickly type: DPSI FLT-DATE STN

NOTE: There must be a space after the date and before the station code.

Example of DIS*9898 screen response

Example of DIS*9898 screen response

No suprises here. You can also see the aircraft nose number on the first line (just to the right of ORD above)

Related Commands

CURRTG Use this to find out if it's a through flight.
DOAI Displays the total number of jumpseats on a flight segment.
DPSI Displays passenger loads (24 hours +/-).
FLF Displays the station closest to the plane's reported position.
FLUX Displays a listing of flight schedules for United Express.
SK Displays a listing of flight schedules between two cities.

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