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Prints an Inflight Briefing Sheet (IBS) at a Unimatic terminal.

You type: IBSBPR

Example of the IBSBPR screen

Example of the IBSBPR screen

FLIGHT Enter the ID number.
DTE Date (use the DD format)
STA Enter the 3-character station code.
ID# Specific ID number  (optional)
DT ID Date   (optional)
POS Work Position  (optional)
TYPE Enter D for all remaining flights in a duty period.
Enter F for just the single flight.
If you leave this blank, it will print all remaining flights in a duty period.
INFO Enter H to print just the header/safety messages.
Enter F to print the flight specific information.
Enter T to print the trailer info.
Enter P to print the announcements (marketing stuff).
Enter A to print everything.

Example of the IBSBPR response

Example of the IBSBPR response

You might get a screen like above that asks you to choose the duty period you want for the IBS. Tab the line containing the ID you're on and press ENTER.

Related Commands

DSLLOF Displays flight attendants on a specific ID number and date.
IBSBDS Displays an Inflight Briefing Sheet (IBS) on your computer screen.
IBSTAS Displays the IBS Auto-Start briefing locations.
WRKPOS Displays specific work positions throughout the ID.
DIS*38555 Displays the Onboard Service F/A Staffing Guidelines Index.

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