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Displays a list of flight attendants requesting WOP, GWOP, 30-day WOP, etc... 


DOM Enter the 3-character domicile code.
TOF Enter 'D' for domestic. Enter 'I' for international. Leave blank for all, and for when requesting 30-day WOP.
DATE Enter the date in the DDMMM format. If you are viewing 30-day WOP, you need to enter the first day of the requested month: e.g., 01SEP
TYPE Enter WOP to display Without Pay Absence (ANP) requests.

Enter GWOP to display Guaranteed Without Pay Absence requests.

Enter DWOP to display Day At A Time Vacation (DAT) requests.

Enter 30D to display 30-day WOP requests.

STATUS Leave blank.
SORT Leave blank.
PRINT Enter 'P' to print the requested list. Remember, you need to be near a Unimatic printer!

You can also quickly type: WOPLST/DOM/TOF/DATE/TYPE

Shortcut Example: WOPLST/LAX/D/26JUL/GWOP

Example of the WOPLST screen

woplst screen

The example above is a list of all the flight attendants requesting GWOP on July 30. This list is in seniority order. You can pull up their lines to see if they were awarded the GWOP or not. If there are ten requests already displayed (as in the case with the example above), you will have to go to Page 2 to see the next group of listings. 

To display additional pages, you must type NXT over the XXX in the XXXWOP command on the screen. Then press TAB, and then ENTER.

Special Note

Don't forget: You cannot type D or I in the TYPE field when requesting 30-day WOP.

Related Commands

DSPADT Displays a flight attendant's specific trade transactions on file.
DSPFAI Used to enter a request for WOP, GWOP, OFR, or Trip Trade.
DSPFWP Displays your GWOP (PTO) days used.
DSPGWP Displays a domicile's GWOP (PTO) allotment available and days used.
DSPREQ Displays a flight attendant's current trade requests on file.
TRADES Displays the main menu for various trade requests.

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