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Use to modify your information on the Reserve Move Up List.


DOM The 3 character domicile code.
MO Day and Month (Example: 01JUL)
FN Enter your file number.

Example: MOVEUP/LAX/7/162611

Example of the MOVEUP screen

moveup screen

The above example shows the screen in which you can either add or remove your name from the Reserve Move Up List. Or you can remove one or both of your Protected Dates. Just mark the appropriate dates, place an 'X' in the appropriate boxes, move the cursor to the bottom of the page and hit ENTER.

Note: Remember, you can also add your name to the Reserve Move Up list during the bidding period by using the LOFBID screen.

Related Commands

ASNSHO Displays a list of reserves who have been given an assignment.
MUADIT Displays the Reserve Move-Up List flight attendant award records. Use to check which flight attendants were given a Reserve Move Up Line.
MULIST Displays a list of flight attendants requesting a Reserve Move Up Line.
OPNTRP Displays a list of available open trips.
RSVFND Displays position on the reserve list. This command is oudated. Use RSVFLY instead.
RSVFLY Displays a list of available reserves.
RSVSKD Displays a list of available reserves. Older command.

Useful Information

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JSN Reserve page

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