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Displays hotel and transportation information for trip IDs. Can also be used to access hotel/transportation information outside the DSPID/ period.


ID# Enter the trip ID.
DATE MM is Month Number DD is Day Number the ID originates
EQP Leave blank.
CAT Ignore. It's already pre-filled with an 'S'.
POS Enter your work position.  (optional)

You can quickly type: HTLID/ID#/DATE (use the DD format)//S

Shortcut Example: HTLID/608/05//S

Example of a HTLID screen

Example of a HTLID screen

As you can see, you now have hotel information for your ID# 608 on Aug 5. You can also tab to the DSPID section and see the actual flight ID for this trip. If you want further hotel information, use TVLQCK or the more detailed TVLLST.


Remember that last minute changes by the Crew Desk may not be indicated on this screen.  If you don't see your hotel and transportation information in your ID, you'll need to contact the Crew Desk.

Related Commands

DSPID/ Displays an active trip ID for flight attendants.
DSPDSL Displays IDs that are scheduled beyond 72 hours from now.
FLTID/ Used to display the IDs assigned to a specific flight.
PLTID Used to display the IDs assigned to a specific flight.
TVLQCK Displays basic layover hotel information.

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