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Displays detailed layover hotel information.

You type: TVLQCK

You will receive the following response


CAT Leave this one blank for F/A layover hotels.
STN Enter the 3-character station code.
LAYO Can leave blank. If you want narrow down the results, then enter in the following:
  • F or S for Field/Short layovers
  • D or L for Downtown/Long layovers
  • T for Training layovers
  • A for Day Room layovers

You can also quickly type: TVLQCK/CAT/STN/LAYO


Example of a TVLQCK screen

Example of a TVLQCK screen

There are nine pages of information for this layover city. Let's take a look at page three:

Example of a TVLQCK screen

As you can see, some good info is here, such as the 10% discount on food at the Cafe Martinique. This is the kind of page you want to print and take with you on your trip.

Related Commands

TVLLOG Use to write up hotel and transportation reports.
TVLLST Displays basic layover hotel information.
TVLLSU Use to display your previous hotel and transportation reports.

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