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Holiday Pay Time Calculator

Tool to assist in calculating your holiday pay.

Step 1: Enter your trip information and click 'Calculate'

Remember to complete Bid, TMA, and Toh fields. (explanation of terms)

Bid hh
TMA hh
Toh hh
Holiday Pay Hrs
Total Pay Hrs:
KEY:  hh=Hours  mm=Minutes

Step 2: Calculate your pay

Enter Your Pay Rate (hourly pay) $

Guide to terminology used above

Bid Bid/Pay time for trip found on key pages
TMA Total Time Away from home as shown at the bottom of the ID.
Toh Time away On Holiday
(include Check-in and or Debriefing time if on holiday)
Holiday Pay Hrs Extra Pay Hours for the trip

KEY:  hh=Hours  mm=Minutes
FORMULA:  (Bid Time for Trip / Time away) X Time on the Holiday

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DIS*14164 Displays the Flight Attendant Scheduling Calendar.
DSPHOL Displays a list of contractual flight attendant holiday dates.

Special Thanks

Special thanks and greets go out to Tom Deleo of Seabuds for creating this app. If you found this Holiday Pay Calculator handy, drop him a note at tdeleo@gmail.com and tell him thanks!

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