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Displays the total number of jumpseats on a flight segment. Displays the number of jumpseats assigned to working crew members.

Example of what to type to check jumpseat information on Flight #39 out of LAX on July 22: DOAI 39-22JUL LAX

You will see a response similar to the following:

doai screen

The above display has nine line numbers.  The numbers that begin with an X indicate the total number of jumpseats installed in that aircraft's location (AFT, FWD, etc...).  The numbers displayed to the left of the numbers beginning with an X list the total number of jumpseats currently assigned.

Thus, in the example above, there are 10 jumpseats installed (X03 and X07) and 8 flight attendants assigned to the flight (02 and 06)

See where it says 'EX F ATEND'? If it said 01EX F ATEND, then this would mean that there was assigned one extra flight attendant in the forward cabin. In the example above, there are no extra F/As assigned, and thus only show the EX without a number in front of it.

Row numbers in DOAI and their meaning

01 -- This line displays the cockpit jumpseat information.

02 -- This line displays flight attendant jumpseats.

03 -- This line also displays flight attendant jumpseats.

04--10 More cryptic Unimatic stuff that's not important here.

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