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Our Philosophy


Flight attendants need a straightforward method to access United Airlines Onboard Service information---period.  It shouldn't be a hassle to get simple questions answered.  Questions like, "How do I get to the BOSSW domicile?" or "What's the Unimatic command for checking my sick leave information?"

There's already enough hassles in the flight attendant work environment.  Finding useful information pertaining to our work shouldn't be one of them.  Our goal is to provide this information for you in one central place so that you can get your answers---fast.


Our main goal is to make this website easy to use by keeping the navigation, links, articles, design, and theme as easy to use as possible.  We avoid limiting users with design choices like, "YOU MUST HAVE THE LATEST GENERATION BLAHBLAH 6.0 BROWSER TO ACCESS THIS SITE!"

Jumpseatnews is not designed to dazzle, compete with anyone, or offer the latest website technologies.  Instead, we concentrate most of our time on the content, specifically the writing and the presentation of information, which we try to keep as simple as possible.

Over time, we will improve the look, navigation, and professionalism of this website.  I am still learning all this computer mumbo jumbo as I go along, but I am learning, and with that learning will come graphical improvements to the site.  However, those tasks will always take a backseat to generating article content.

No Framing Used

We will never display another website within our own frames.  As far as we're concerned, this practice is pure copyright violation and not a nice thing to do.

What exactly is this 'framing' practice?

Framing another website is like removing the front cover from The New England Journal of Medicine and placing it around the latest issue of Playboy Magazine.  The front cover may lead you to believe one thing, but the contents within are something completely different!

With websites, the 'covers' are the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) addresses such as www.jumpseatnews.com or www.microsoft.com or www.ual.com.  You can click on a link to a website and you will see their URL displayed in your web browser's address bar.  This tells you where you are, and also what organization created the content and design within.

Look at the top of your address bar right now.
The URL for this very page is: http://www.jumpseatnews.com/about/philosophy.asp.

This URL tells you that the page you are viewing is part of, and was created by, Jumpseatnews.com.  You can even deduce that it probably has something to do with website philosophy!

Framing is a technology that divides your web browser screen into several sections, each displaying different pages of content.  The original intent of frame technology was to have one frame display the links (and remain 'fixed' on the page), while the other frame displayed the site's content.

However the use of frame technology appears to have evolved into 'framing' entire websites entirely within one's own frames and URL address at the top of the browser window.  In other words, you have entered a completely different website but your web browser still indicates that you never left the original location of the first site.

To see an example of this practice in action: click here.  When finished viewing, you'll be able to return right directly to this point in the article...so I'll wait...go ahead now and please check it out.

Framing Summary

There is nothing wrong with the occasional cutting, copying, and pasting of articles, provided that you at least mention the source.  Neither is posting and providing flight attendant forms, resources, and other information that should be easily available in the first place.  And the ability to link to all the other websites is one great features of the Internet.

But taking the contents of a complete website and enclosing it within the contents of your own frames is a practice that we simply don't believe in.  Enough said.

Discussion Boards / Shoutbox

If you type a message in the Shoutbox, your real name automatically gets added to the posting. Why we do this >

Name not yours?

There could be several reasons why the pre-filled name in the Shoutbox is not yours:

  • You are using a computer in some crew lounge somewhere and somebody else has signed into Jumpseatnews less than 20 minutes ago and then left the computer on and/or stored their logon data in a 'cookie' (small file on computer).
  • You have signed on under someone else's name. (in which case you should darn well know why you can't see yours appear, silly!)
  • Our magic 8-ball indicated "Reply hazy, try again".

In order to delete the current name in the shoutbox and ensure that your own name is included there, you need to do two things:

  1. Delete any JSN cookies from the computer. How to do this >
  2. Close your web browser, reopen it and sign-on to JSN with your own information.

Why real names?

On any discussion board or Shoutbox placed on this site, we now require a name to go with a posting for two reasons:

  1. We often write back to people on the board, and like to know who we are writing to. Sometimes we research Unimatic stuff and this takes our time (and we offer the help free) so we're not going to bother if we have to ask 'Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral?'
  2. Discussion boards can be excellent sources information. They can also turn into bash sessions, mostly from people who hide behind anonymous names like 'flyboycola61' or 'jf34ls551'. (not real fake names, just made them up here---if yours, we're so sorry). If discussion board users wish to criticize organizations (UAL, AFA, etc...) and/or leaders, well okay, we have no particular problem with that, be we do require them to put their real name with their message, that's all. It's called stepping up to the plate and not being afraid of your opinion and hiding behind message board name handles. Same goes for UAL management visitors who post here, your name's now on the post, yeah baby!

If your name has changed from your original Crew Lounge login (marriage or whatever) and you need it updated so it displays correctly on the shoutbox, please let us know.

If you disagree or are annoyed with this policy, that's cool too. Go here for further assistance>

About the Shoutbox

JSN Shoutbox allows you to talk and participate in live discussions with other Jumpseatnews visitors.

Simply type your name and comments, then click 'Post'. All other Jumpseatnews visitors will then instantly be able to see your posting within 90 seconds. If you are the impatient type and want to see the updated shoutbox sooner, click the 'Reload Shoutbox' link.

Important: Remember that you must type your comments quickly, as the box will clear out after 90 seconds!

If you want to add a link to a web page in your post, type it normally like 'www.google.com'. Don't worry about the length. Once displayed it will read simply 'www' and take the visitor to the site you want.

Tips and Suggestions

  1. Click the 'Reload Shoutbox' link just before you type your post. This will then give you the maximum time of 90 seconds to compose your message.
  2. Keep comments as short as possible. The limit is 500 characters per post. Don't write 'The Iliad' or 'War and Peace', but rather, use short sentences in your postings.
  3. No editing. Once you submit, you will be unable to edit your original post. Don't worry too much about spelling and grammar with the shoutbox. Remember, it's just an informal chatting resource.
  4. You may get a response in several seconds, or two hours, or never. You just won't know. It all depends on how many people decide to participate and/or respond to your posting. Click 'Reload Shoutbox' if you can't wait 90 seconds.
  5. Remember that you only have 90 seconds to write your post. Best to think it out beforehand (if it's a longer one) and then quickly type it in the box. If this 90 second refresh limit bugs people, let me know and I'll increase the time.

Why was JSN Shoutbox added?
Why not? It's always fun to try out new features on this site!

Is this a Discussion Board?
No. Nothing is stored, organized, or archived. It's for quick 'in the moment' discussions or perhaps swapping emails for trip-trades---that sort of thing.

Any practical uses?
Depends on how many people are on the site at the same time. You could post: "Anyone know where the crew truck in NRT is located?" or "Anyone want to trade my ID 5501 2-day from LAX-OGG?" Who knows, you may receive a response instantly!

Rules for Shoutbox

Simple: No nasty or offensive postings. And no sensitive work and/or safety information. Violators will be banned from the entire Jumpseatnews site permanently, an unpleasant task that will be done with no warning after the first offense. This site is visited and read by hundreds of UAL employees from many departments, including TK. (Don't be dumb and post something such as 'Here are the answers to the 2005 RET test'! At the very minimum you might only get banned form this website. See the concern here?)

Let the shouting begin!

Customer Service

The 'customers' of Jumpseatnews are the flight attendants of United Airlines.  They are also this website's leaders as far as we're concerned, because we base 99% of our changes on their feedback and opinions.

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