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This latest upgrade of Jumpseatnews is a major improvement over previous versions, and has taken us over seven months to complete. Interestingly enough, some the technology used in the version you now see today didn't exist when we began this redesign!

Why the long period of time to redesign the site?

  1. Because JSN is built and maintained in our spare time, of where there isn't a lot of these days.
  2. This redesign was about 90% complete when I took another look at it and decided to start over from scratch again. Yes, really. I deleted hundreds of files, representing hours of work. It was not an easy decision. But I didn't think it was the best possible site for UAL flight attendants that I could build.

Browsers Supported

Jumpseatnews was designed for all browsers and devices that conform to the W3C recommendations for Web Standards. Subsequently, this site will not display properly in crummy old Netscape 4.x (go away and die already!) or goofy WebTV. We don't know if it displays properly in older Macs or not, because we don't own one nor can we be bothered to run down to Kinkos to test on a Mac.


All markup code on this site was written in XHTML Strict and conforms to U.S. Government Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines for visitors with disabilities. All presentation is controlled by CSS technology.

E-Mail and Contact Features

We've reduced our email features because we found a better communication method.


There aren't as many graphics as before. Yet. We didn't want to delay the initial launch by worrying about them. Over time, they will be added, like decorating a Christmas Tree.

Hacks in Da Code

To protect the Internet Explorer and Opera browsers from their own stupidity, we've employed a number of common (and not so common) CSS code hacks and workarounds. One bright and sunny day, when all browser manufactures produce web browsers that comply with the W3C standards, we can happily remove these code hacks.


The menu navigation is on the right---breaking convention somewhat. But we like it for now.

Printer Friendly

All pages on this website are printer-friendly. That was important to us.

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