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The following individuals took the time to make a donation of their hard-earned money towarding maintaining this site. Their kind gestures have helped to secure our hosting costs for this year and keep this web site running and available to all UAL flight attendants.

If you should ever fly with them, or notice them pass-riding, please be sure to give them a big thanks!

JSN Supporters

First Name
Last Name
Larry Amick  
Monica Anderson ORDSW
Renee' Brauner SFOSW
Lisah Brown LAXSW
June Bush DCASW
Glauco Cavalcanti ORDSW
Maria Carsburg LASSW
Christy Carter LAXSW
Charles Chamberlain DCASW
Keoni Cheffens DCASW
Deneen Chin CDGSW
Dominic Chang DCASW
Mawnna Clardy ORDSW
Katie Collopy SFOSW
Sheilah Cunningham SFOSW
Melissa Curtin SFOSW
Robert Davidson LHRSW
Frank Dean SFOSW
Wendy Dela Cruz  
Maria DiPisa LAXSW
Yvonne Dubois HKGSW
Rachelle Fitchett HNLSW
Kay Fitt SFOSW
Cindy Franco SFOSW
Jay Groth LASSW
Ronelle Harms ORDSW
Vicki Heck LAXSW
Andrea Hickman ORDSW
Kevin Honaker DCASW
Doug Johnson SFOSW
Russell Joy SFOSW
Mie Katsumata SFOSW
Debra Kern ORDSW
Jill King DCASW
Gwen Khoury JFKSW
James Kling ORDSW
Ken Kyle DENSW
Brye Leary SFOSW
Jisu Luk HKGSW
Johnny Luke NRTSW
Kevin Maxwell LAXSW
Kathleen MacDonald
(and KUI)
Peggy Marciniak ORDSW
Luis Marin DCASW
Rich Messana SFOSW
Carla Moon CDGSW
Loekie Moore LHRSW
Kevin Moriarty ORDSW
Heather Mueller DCASW
Jonathon Nestor SFOSW
Linda Oberg DENSW
Mayu Okawa NRTSW
Tomoko Omori-Morita LAXSW
Molly Ott LAXSW
Laurie Pineiro DCASW
Glenn Pingol SFOSW
Ines Ramirez DCASW
Mesalina Ramirez DCASW
Jim Reid DCASW
Cynthia Reinking LAXSW
Erica Rivers LHRSW
Rolando Rodriguez ORDSW
Michael Roman ORDSW
John Safkow ORDSW
Phil Sallee HNLSW
Sara Schnabel SFOSW
Scott Schuette SFOSW
Loyd Scobee SFOSW
Makiko Sekine NRTSW
Junko Starks JFKSW
Betty Tronson Retired
Michael Walker LAXSW
Margaret Wallace DCASW
Darren Wernette LASSW
Audrey Winkels SEASW
Elisa Yoshinaka SFOSW
Lesley Young HNLSW
Diana Zywiciel SFOSW

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