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For Flight Attendants:

Remember to use all information within this website at your own risk.  Nothing changes faster than the airline industry and things get outdated quickly.  If there is one constant in the universe, it's that WHQ will change something!  Always know your Contract, your Articles of Conduct, your safety responsibilities, etc...

Many of the tutorials that will be presented within Jumpseatnews.com involve dealing with employees, particularly Onboard Service management employees, of UAL Corporation.  Always be professional in your business dealings when using the advice and content presented here.

When seeking critical (like if your job is on the line) answers, advice, or employee assistance, always refer to your local AFA Council or your supervisor.

For other UAL employees:

This site is specifically for flight attendants.  Consider yourselves welcome guests within and remember that much of the content will be dealing with issues common to the flight attendant employee group.  Having worked many different jobs, I can tell you that there is no other job in the world like that of a flight attendant.

For everyone else:

I'm sorry but there won't be much here for you.  Unfortunately, your access is limited to these general pages that are outside the Crew Lounge.   If you'd like to view more pages in the Crew Lounge you one of the following options:

  1. Date a Flight Attendant
  2. Submit an Application for Employment

However, you are a valued visitor and if you do fly on United Airlines, please feel free to email your comments to Jumpseatnews.

And finally:

Nothing stirs up people's emotions like the airline industry.  Please feel free to speak candidly in your correspondence, but remember that Jumpseatnews.com reserves the right to edit all letters and postings.  No individual UAL employees or customers may be mentioned personally on this website in a hateful or negative manner.  If you're frustrated with something, go for a run.

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