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From time to time we provide links to other Web sites.  Each site that we link to has a different set of policies, and may require an additional registration process.

Link Policy

We sometimes provide links to resources provided by third parties. These third parties can be either UAL Flight Attendants (always preferred) or other organizations that offer resources pertaining to our work.

Too many links overwhelm the visitor. The less the better. Nothing is sillier than a website than contains nothing at all but links to other websites. We only bother linking to sites that we use regularly and consider useful.

If you are reading this and notice that we don't link to your favorite site, feel free to contact us. We'll check it out, but probably won't link to it unless it's really cool, useful, and helpful to United Airlines flight attendants. Nothing personal.

You also have this other option.

Technical Support

Registering for a Web site sometimes involves obtaining a username and password for that particular site.  You use this username and password to access that site's restricted pages.

We do not offer technical support to obtain passwords or usernames for other Web sites.  Nor do we assist with other Web site's registration processes.

If you are having trouble registering for another Web site, such as SkyNet, AFA's Ask AFA System, or a discussion board, you will need to contact the webmaster or technical support department of the particular Web site you are trying to register with.

If you are having a technical problem with your Crew Lounge membership, then by all means please don't hesitate to contact us for help.

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