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Bidding Sucks

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Bidding sucks.

We're almost at 2006 already. It shouldn't be so difficult, error-prone, and time-consuming to arrange a monthly schedule. Ironically, as we're moving more toward a D-TUFTE, people seem to be having more trouble then ever.

I'm going on TIL (Temporary Insanity Leave) from troubleshooting daily Unimatic woes. So, I hope you find the resources below helpful. Either way, bidding still sucks.

Direct Links to Bid Packages

Bidding Timetable

Old New in December for the January Bids
Bid Opens 10th of Month Bid Opens 12th of Month
Bid Closes 17th of Month at 0800 Local Domicile Time Bid Closes 18th of Month at 0800 Local Domicile Time
Bid Award 20th of Month at 0800 Local Domicile Time Bid Award NO CHANGE
*Scheduling processes including Relief, Training, EOM and Make-Yourself-Legal dates are not affected by these changes.

Help and Support

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  • Home Unimatic Support: 1-800-255-5801
  • 3rd Party Software Technical Support: If you are using a 3rd party software program to connect to Unimatic/Apollo you must contact the vendor directly,








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