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7 Must-know Tips For Using iPad Mini

The iOS 6.0.2 employed by iPad mini is very easy to use, however there are still many using tips and tricks that are not easy to find for the new iPad mini users. Here I will share 7 Must-know tips with new iPad mini owners. Hope you will operate your iPad mini more effectively, more conveniently after reading this article. (By the way any iPad mini users want to digitize the DVDs and BDs to iPad mini for on-the-go viewing can check this DVD and Blu-ray to iPad mini ripping guide).

1. Directly run the digital picture frame on iPad mini's lock screen.To do this, just press the Picture icon on the right of the "Slide to unlock" button on iPad mini's lock screen. The iPad will then start to display its pictures.

2. Adjust screen's brightness by double-clicking "Home" button. As we know, Double-clicking the Home button shows you the multitasking bar at the bottom of the screen. If you swipe toward the right along the multitasking bar, you will see a slider which controls the iPad mini's screen brightness. And you're also allowed to start playing music, adjust sound volume and run the music apps.

3. Divide the keyboard on iPad mini. If you feel a little laborious to type words on your iPad mini's screen because your hand is small, you can put your each thumbs on the left and right side of the keyboard on iPad mini, slide your thumbs outward, then the keyboard will be broken apart.

4. Enter text via voice dictation. Just press the microphone button to use this feature. If you do not see the microphone button, you will need to go to settings -> keyboards-dictation to activate dictation on your iPad mini.

5. Put 6 icons to the iPad mini dock. For the new iPad mini, there are only 4 icons in the dock box at the bottom of the iPad mini's screen. In fact, you can add two more icons into the dock box. Just drag the target icon from main screen and drop it to the dock box.

6. Bookmark a favorite website on your iPad mini's home screen. It is very simple to do this. Click on the "Arrow" button on the left of the URL box of the Safari, then select the "Add to home screen". As a result, the next time you visit the website, just click the icon on iPad mini's home screen directly.

7. Take a Screen Shot on iPad mini. Press on the Home button, then press the Power button at the top right of the iPad mini. When you see the screen flash white for a moment, the screen shot is done. The screenshot will be save to the Camera Roll album automatically. You can also share your screenshot with others via iMessage, eMail, etc.

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