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9 Useful Unimatic Commands

This was one of the original pages created on Jumpseatnews.com back in May, 2000.  We post it here for sentimental purposes!  For a far better and complete coverage of Unimatic, visit The Complete Unimatic.

Unimatic can test the limits of any flight attendant’s patience.  With the exception of some basic commands learned during Initial Training (remember that?), most of us pick up what we can from our flying partners.  Ironically, as important as the Unimatic computer system is for our schedules and workplace, many of us don’t use Unimatic to its full capacity.

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The following list of nine useful commands won't make you Uniexperts, but at least can make your lives a bit easier:

1. Thinking of taking a 30 day WOP but want to know if anyone else is stealing your idea? Here's how to display a list of flight attendants requesting 30 day WOP by Seniority:

You type: WOPLST/LAX//01AUG/30D

For September's 30 day WOP list, you would type in 01SEP. Got it?

2. Thinking of transferring bases? For everything you need to know, except where to find a good commuter pad, type in the following:

You type: DIS*32688

3. It's amazing how many people still don't know how to quickly review their work history. It's simple, it's important, and you should print a copy for your records every six months. So, once and for all:

You type: FDWH/file number

4. Customers receive them, and so can we…Special Meals. If you're flying a domestic trip and are entitled to a boarded crew meal, you can store a special meal request.

You type: DSPMEL/file number

Place an 'X' next to the meal you want and voila…sometime when you least expect it, that HDML will be waiting in a convection oven near you!

5. Here's a way to find your position (by seniority) on the list of flight attendants requesting trades with open flying:

You type: TRDLST/LAX/09/OPEN

For this example, we used September's list.

6. Well folks, here's ultimate Unimatic command: a way of asking the system to actually teach you it's operation.

You type: C.

Make sure you type in the period mark after the 'C'! This is a weird one, so make sure you have some time available (like a 3 hour, 59 minute Denver layover) to view the lessons.

8. While we're on the subject of pass riding, want to stay at the Seaside Hotel in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu? Have your credit card handy, because here's a way to make a reservation:

You type: DIS*52600

9. With all the information pages available at your fingertips, you may need this useful way to print out those multiple DIS* pages:

You type: PRTDIS/first page #/last page #//N

The "first page #" and "last page #" would be the DIS* pages you want printed.

10. You know the feeling: you pull up your line, then look at some available open trips, then want to see your line again. Instead of typing DSPLOF blah blah blah all over again, try this:

You type: RPTLOF

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