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Please read through this entire Q&A document. If you still cannot find your answer here, feel free to contact us.

Remember that this is a new section, and that we are still working out the bugs---based on the feedback that we are receiving.

What is JSN Business Listings?

JSN Business Listings is a section of Jumpseatnews that allows Crew Lounge Members to advertise their business free of charge.

Do I have to offer a discount?

While it's not 100% mandatory, it would be a really nice thing to do. You are getting to advertise your business to thousands of United Airlines employees for free. We figure that you can at least provide some kind of nice offer or savings to those customers. Besides, few UAL flight attendants have much money anyway these days with all the cuts and bankruptcy nonsense.

Why was JSN Business Listings Created?

Because we enjoy sitting up until 3:00 am in the morning, drinking Red Bull and writing code until our eyes look like road maps. That aside, we also like the idea of providing UAL flight attendants a place to network their businesses with other flight attendants. The decision we made was to allow UAL employees to list their business to thousands of people, without having to worry about some of the technical problems with a fully public website.

I'm not a flight attendant, may I add my business?

Depends. You may add your business only if you are a member of the following employee groups:

  • Flight Attendant (active or retired)
  • Pilot (active only)
  • Other UAL employee with Unimatic access (active only)

I work for another airline or outside organization, may I add my business?

No, not at this time. Reread the answer above.

Why are you restricting who can list their businesses?

Two reasons:

  1. This is a new section, and we want to see how it develops with just our Crew Lounge Membership first. They are our first priority.
  2. The main focus of this site is United Airlines flight attendant news, resources, and information. We're not interested in expanding much further beyond that.

This is AMAZING! Thank you for doing this!

No problem. UAL Flight attendants deserve this and we've wanted to add a section like this since 2001.

Screw You! Your site sucks and I hate your dumb rules!

Screw yourself and don't come back here again.

I want to add commuter pad info/I'm looking for a commuter pad.

If this section is successful, then we will add a complete housing section where flight attendants/pilots can network amongst eachother in finding housing. But I can't think about that right now. Databases give me a headache.

How do I get started lising my business?

Two steps:

  1. Make sure you are already a Crew Lounge Member. If you can access this page, then you already are. If not, then go and sign-up here >
  2. Once you are a Crew Lounge Member, then go add your listing.

I want to list my business, but am not sure I would be able to create my own web page.

You don't need to design or create your own web page in order to list your business. It's just an extra feature we created to use at your own option. If you can read the words on this page, then your computer should be able to handle adding your business to this section. It's pretty easy.

Can I add graphics to my web page?

At this time, you cannot add any images stored on your computer. You can always copy from other web sites and paste into here, but you run the risk of having your image altered by the original site owner

Adding images directly will be one of the first things we improve to this section. So be patient; we're working on it.

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JSN Business Listings

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