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Updated on August 14, 2011

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Simon Y. Mak *** 2010 NEW YEAR SPECIAL *** FAOM cover with zipper ONLY $12.00 *** disposible Pen LED flashlight $2.00*** 1.00 will be donate to UNITED F/A CAUSE FOUNDATION for every FAOM COVER sold thru here.
Rockstar Swimwear High Fashion Swimwear for men and women www.myrockstarswimwear.com 15% off please enter code UA2010 at checkout to receive the discount and free shipping.
Mainline Dental Plan No benefits? My dentist is looking for Clients & Reps thru US for affordable dental plan-NOT insurance. Thousands of Dentists participate thru US. Cheap enough for measly airline salaries! Use Code UAL1000 for 15% off. For all friends & family members of Airline Employees.
Yupbizauto.com Welcome to yupbizauto.com. where you can always find the most popular car accessories from Hello Kitty and Zebra Seat covers to Tinkerbell and Superman floor mats. High quality universal car seat covers can also be found here. JSN members can always enjoy 10% off the order by entering discount code UA10PC
Your Avon Lady Avon products from shoes to skin care. 10%
Sisto's Salon Upscale hair salon in the heart of downtown Denver. Special price menu for flight attendants. Affordable hair services by highly skilled stylists!
Cardinal's Farmhouse Sampler We sell Collectible Gifts, Country Home & Garden Decor,Plush and so much More! Free Shipping on $200. shipable order within the continental US! Some Items we offer are for pick up Only.

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