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Updated on December 5, 2009

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Diamond Financial Corporation Since 1990, Joe Diamond,CFP and ORDFO 767 Captain, has been providing United Airline's employees with affordable Income Tax Preparation for Individuals & Businesses, Accounting & Payroll services, and Certified Financial Planning. In addition we are a full service Mortgage Banker offering Mortgages & Home Loans. Work with a REAL accountant that knows the tax business and the airline industry! Joe is an IRS Enrolled Agent. Servicing all 50 states! www.diamondfinancial.com Individual E filed Tax returns just $195! Reduced fees for Business and more complex tax returns! Get a FREE financial planning checkup by Certified Financial Planner Joe Diamond! Joe is an IRS Enrolled Agent. No brokerage fees for Mortgages & Home Loans! www.diamondfinancial.com

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