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Updated on November 22, 2009

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CraigBurdette.com Solo Piano Music - Debut Compact Disc Album of 12 original "New Age Style" piano songs, meditative, relaxing and melodic. Sample entire album for free! 50% off retail price. Use discount code: united
Wine Shop At Home Wine Country comes to you! Have a wine party for you and up to 16 of your closest family and friends. A try before you buy wine experience. You can mix and match your case of wine. Contact me about FREE shipping on a case!
Clouds Rest Vineyards We produce an ultra premium California pinot noir, Clouds Rest Pinot Noir, which has been said to stand on its own next to the Grand Cru Burgandies of France. This is an exclusive invitation for United Employees to call and inquire regarding a personal visit to Clouds Rest.
Runaway Brides Intimate Wedding Packages in the Wine Country. also Commitment Ceremonies & Elopements $500 Referral Fee paid if you send us a client who books an event. or 15% off your event.
Oil on Canvas by dh Handmade Oil on Canvas 10% discount + free shipping for JSN members. Please mention JSN
Flyingwithhealthysolutions Nutrition Educator and Metagenics Lifestyle Educator: Consult flight crew suffering with chronic health issues and guide them to health with healthy food and supplements. Offering a 20% discount on 1 hour consultation.
Thetahealing Thetahealing clears unsupportive patterns that prevent living the life you want. It uses the scientific principles of quantum physics and may be considered a non-denominational form of prayer. As a flt attendant I understand many are having financial challenges, my discount offer to you is what you feel you can afford. Check out www.trishturpel.com for non-airline rates.
Vintage Aviation Signs Fine Art recreations of classic advertisements of the Art Deco Era. Featuring Pan Am, United, Aloha, Inter-Island Air (Hawaiian) and more to come. Huge 15% discount for AFA members. In the galleyies the go for 800-900 dollars. Here they are 20-30% less and your discount still applies.
Waiora Independent Rep. Healthy Aging nutritional supplements. 1. Remove Toxins- Natural Cellular Defense; 2. Replenish Nutrients- Essential Daily Nutrients; 3. Restore Immunity, cell pH, Youthful Appearance Annual Membership fee allows you to buy wholesale. 30 Day Refund from Company. Referral Business Opportunity!
Excelti Here at ExcelTi we primarily work with all types of sales/service professionals and business owners (including but not limited to; realtors, loan officers, inusrance and financial reps, IT reps, recruiters and etc.) to help them enhance/cultivate their business and increase their referrals. We're looking for highly motivated entrepreneurs that are ready to take their business to the next level. If you feel as if your business is going no where, try our proven system for a free 7 day, no obligation account. ONLY serious sales/service professionals please. Free 7 day trail!
Olive Films Where independent art matters. A comprehensive collection of Art, Independent, Foreign, and hard to find films. TBA

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