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closedDuring the past several weeks, we have received several dozen requests from new hires (those that will be starting in Jan 2006) to access the Crew Lounge section.

JSN Crew Lounge access requires that New Hires posses a valid UAL file number and domicile. Since, as of yet, New Hires have not graduated Initial Training nor received their domicile assignment, we cannot accept applications from them at this time.

If you are a New Hire, come back when you've passed TK (have fun with that by the way), survived WHQ food, graduated from Initial Training, and have a valid UAL file number and domicile assignment.

Housing Information

We do not have a housing section for New Hires to post information about commuter pads and housing requests. There two reasons for this:

  1. This site focuses what little resources we have (and we are currently a one-man-one-dog operation) on providing information for active flight attendants. They are our first priority.
  2. Without a valid UAL file number and domicile information, the message board posters could be animal, mineral, or vegetable---or perhaps some Internet clickety-clack keyboard weirdo---and we just don't want to do be going there, thanks.

If you are a New Hire, go ahead and enjoy the WHQIT building where you will spending the next 7 or so weeks of your life. Besides, you'll meet plenty of other New Hires also looking for housing. Better to do that in person anyway. The weather's cold as hell, but you'll definitely make memories to last a lifetime, we guarantee it.

And once you get out on the planes, you see why this is the most unique job you could ever have. You also find out a lot of other things, but why spoil the suprise!

See you in February.


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