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Limited Unimatic Coming to United's Intranet?

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Date: Mar 29, 2004 at 12:00 AM Pacific Time

This seemed to come out of left field, considering since we are all upgrading the AOL Unimatic home access by April 8th.  It seems that we will be allowed to access certain pages of Unimatic directly from SkyNet.  Here's the complete Onboard Updates article released today:


SkyNet is getting a makeover. It has a brand new look and improved functionality, and you'll be able to customize certain features to make it a better tool for you.

In cooperation with Flight Operations and Information Services, Onboard Service is developing a Web-friendly tool that will roll out early in April along with the brand new SkyNet. It can be found on the “My Workplace” tab on the SkyNet home page, and it allows you to access Unimatic features from any computer with a secure Internet connection, using the Internet Service Provider of your choice.

The new features on “My Workplace” are being developed in phases so we can get feedback from you about how to refine the product and determine development priorities for the next “My Workplace” tool to best support your needs. This phasing will also give you time to become comfortable with the site.

Phase one, which is view-only, gives you access to your schedule calendar, ID and hotel information. Safety and security are our prime directives, and the Web site developers have taken your safety into consideration on “My Workplace.” The site uses your file number to access your schedule information from Unimatic, so your name is never associated with anything on “My Workplace.”

Over time, the “My Workplace” site will become an interactive tool that you can use as you would Unimatic. Watch for a flyer with more details about SkyNet's new features and “My Workplace” in your company mailbox.

The “My Workplace” tutorial, complete with screen captures and instructions, will be available on the Onboard home page on SkyNet when the new look debuts. After you've become familiar with “My Workplace,” please e-mail comments and questions to Chris Derbas at Christopher.Derbas@ual.com.

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