Goodbye Crew Lounge

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Dear JSN Members:

Today (Apr 13, 2020), I had to close the Crew Lounge. While JSN will be open until at least July 2020, I had to remove the Crew Lounge today.

The reason is financial: GoDaddy wanted $170 for a new SSL 2-year renewal once the JSN certificate expires in July. Then, they charged my CC yesterday. I told them that after July, I won't be needing SSL any longer so please cancel that and refund the balance. They did so, but in doing so, also cancelled my current SSL. SSL is what secures a website and the Crew Lounge had to have that. When questioned about this, they told me that they could not restore since it was deleted out of my account. Extreme irritation aside, I then quickly moved forward with the site relocation to the new server in preparation for the special event on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 8:00 pm ET. (more info here).

Here's the thing: the programming code running the Crew Lounge and the shoutbox is SO OLD, that it simply will not work on the newer cloud servers and infrastructure. The Crew Lounge is ancient in technology years. And with everything else going on right now, I simply don't have time to re-write all this code - which would take days to figure out. Especially for a site that will be going away in July. So, with sincere regret, I must inform you that the Crew Lounge is no longer accessible.

That being said, I wanted to tell you two things:

#1 - First, I did recently access and read EVERY SINGLE ONE of your shoutbox posts that were published during the past months. I was touched, to the point of tears, by your comments and reactions. I have saved all of them.

#2 - The Crew Lounge itself was not deleted. Nor was it destroyed. Rather, it still exists, even on the new server in ancient code and will remain with JSN up until the site finally closes. Nothing has been changed since today on it and every post, comment, and article are all still there. It exists now, as a digital hideaway that has been sealed up from this day forward. It still holds thousands of questions, comments, and discussions between flight attendants that have gone on for many years.

To end this notice, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you that visited the Crew Lounge and posted regularly throughout the years. The Crew Lounge was a major part of JSN (one of the biggest, actually) and I could not have built it for a better group of people.

I will see you soon on June 20.

-- Christopher