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Visa & Passport Renewal – Passport Surrender

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 17, 2019

Source: Elines

Flight Attendants are required to carry their passport while on any flight assignment. When a Flight Attendants passport expires or requires replacement for any reason, (i.e. lost, stolen or name change, etc.) our Contract establishes the following procedures for replacement and reimbursement:


Section 3.V.5.a.

The Company shall bear the cost of any necessary passports, passport renewals, additional passport pages, visas, work permits required to be based/domiciled at that location, residency and the governments expedited renewal fee. The Company shall also bear the costs of all necessary photos associated with obtaining the aforementioned documents. 

Flight Attendants are required to determine which visas are required based on their individual passport.  In addition, Flight Attendants are required to monitor the expiration dates of their passport and all required visas based on the flying assigned to her/his domicile location.  In the event a Flight Attendant’s Passport is stolen, the company shall bear the cost of its replacement including required visas in effect at the time of the theft where supported by reasonable documentation. 


To review your current record or modify the passport/ visa status log in to CCS, select the Schedule tab > Passport. Flight Attendants are responsible for the accuracy of the information they input. 


Flight Attendants are encouraged to maintain copies of any receipts related to the passport and visa renewal/replacement and to ensure proper reimbursement. 


Learn more about E-Lines Passport Renewal Costs , additional resources and frequently asked questions can be found in Policies and Procedures on Flying Together 

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