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Reserve Rotation (A/B) at International Bases is Contractual

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 10, 2019

Source:  Elines

During the negotiations between the Union and the Company leading to the 2016 – 2021 Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement terms were agreed upon for Flight Attendants who serve Reserve status on a rotating basis in accordance with LOA 23 – Reserve Rotation Letter of Agreement. 

JCBA, Section 8.A:  Flight Attendants assigned to Bases in the United States including US territories, but excluding Hawaii will serve Reserve status in accordance with their seniority per Section 7.B.4 of our JCBA. Whereas Flight Attendants assigned to Bases outside the United States and in Hawaii will serve reserve status in accordance with their seniority on a rotating basis in accordance with the Letter of Agreement, Reserve Rotation. 

Section 8.A. provides for a rotating Reserve (A/B) system for those based in FRA, HKG, HNL, LHR, or NRT in accordance with your seniority on a monthly rotating basis.  This excludes the top twenty-five percent (25%) of Flight Attendants of each domicile who are exempt from Reserve rotation. Those with (5) five years of seniority or less will serve continuous Reserve status or until such time as their seniority allows them to be awarded a line of flying.  After five (5) years in these locations, you will be assigned a Reserve letter designation that will be indicated on your Primary Line Bidding screen. That is an A or a B Reserve rotation letter.

A Reserve pool shall be established at each Base or applicable sub-Base to provide Reserve coverage according to Reserve quota established at each Base or sub-Base.   

It is relevant to point out that Reserve pools will be established at each of the Satellite Bases in MCO, PHX and SAN.  Those coverage requirements have not been fully reviewed with the Union and will, for the remainder of this year, be determined by vacation liability that was carried into the Satellite Base through the transfer award process. Additional information on Reserve at the Satellite Bases will be determined closer to their actual opening date.

Additional information concerning the determination of Reserve status in each base can be located in our JCBA, Section 8.A and Letter of Agreement (LOA) 23– Reserve Rotation, page 395 of our contract. 

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