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RA Day Assignment for End of Month Conflicts (EOM) When Bidding

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 12, 2019

Source:  Elines

End of month (EOM) conflicts can result from the award of your new month schedule which can include overlapping pairings, 24:7 violations (not having 24 hours free from duty in a seven consecutive day period), not satisfying 1 in 7 or not having minimum legal rest between pairings in the old and new month.  

If you are not legal for your new schedule, your first option to resolve the conflict is to trip trade with another Flight Attendant once mutual trades begin on the 18th of the month at 1700 Home Domicile time (HDT).

You may also elect to use the Self Adjustment process which can be accessed via the eBB/Trades area of CCS. This process begins at 0600 CT on the 20th of the month where you will be presented with a number of pairings as options to adjust your schedule and resolve the conflict.  The schedule development timeline provides that you may resolve the conflict until 0600 CT on the 21st of the month.

Another possible solution is the assignment of RA days if there are no pairings available at the time of the adjustment process that can be used to make you legal.  When assigned RA days, you are considered to be a Reserve with the option to pick up a trip on your own by contacting Crew Scheduling during the assigned RA days or you can wait to be assigned a pairing or be released by Crew Scheduling during the normal Reserve assignment process. 

As a lineholder you may elect not to be assigned RA days. If you do not wish Crew Scheduling to have the option to assign you RA days during the adjustment process, you must select this option PRIOR to bids closing on the 17th of the month at 0800 HDT.

To indicate you do not want to be assigned RA days, in CCS, under the Schedule tab, select the Adjustment Request Screen (not the Self Adjustment Screen).  Keep in mind, when electing not to be assigned RA days, a subsequent reduction in Line Guarantee by the value of the conflicting pairing is the result if there is no pairing available to satisfy the EOM.

Flight Attendants interested in additional information are encouraged to review our previous publication End of Month Conflict (EOM)/ Month to Month Line Adjustment Process that explains in detail the end of month (EOM)/ Month to Month Line Adjustment process. 

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