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Holding Time Limitations While Onboard the Aircraft

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 24, 2019

Source: Elines

We are receiving a number of questions in the MEC Office which suggest there may be some confusion on the how and when holding time is paid.


There are a number of circumstances under which Flight Attendants may be required to remain onboard the aircraft with passengers beyond scheduled departure time or after block arrival time. Many of these reasons may be beyond our control due to operational irregularities or having to wait for special services personnel to arrive planeside to assist customers with disabilities in disembarking the aircraft. 

When holding, Flight Attendants shall receive one-half (1/2) credit for pay purposes, including premium and language pay, when applicable, on an actual minute basis for all holding time in excess of thirty (30) minutes beyond scheduled ground time or block arrival time. The holding pay is in addition to all other compensation.

If a Flight Attendant is required by the Company to remain on board the aircraft after block arrival and this occurs at a point where they are scheduled to go off duty, the duty period will either end at the time released from holding or according to the time set forth in our JCBA, Section 6.R. – Commencement of Duty, whichever is later.

While we can be required to remain on the aircraft, specific Holding Time limitations have been negotiated to ensure these periods of time are not indefinite.  The maximum holding time for a Flight Attendant shall belimitedto:

  • Four (4) hours at any one point or
  • A total of five (5) hours during any on-duty period.
  • Flight Attendants shall subsequently be given fifteen (15) minutes rest period after each two (2) hours they are required to remain with passengers on board an aircraft.

Holding occurs only while on board the aircraft

At the end of four (4) hours the Flight Attendant shall be:

1.     Relieved from holding with passengers

2.     Reassigned 

3.     Released from Duty.

Holding pay is to be submitted in the following manner:

1.         Login to CCS -> HelpHub.
2.         Select the Request Holding Pay link.

This link will take you to the form to submit a Holding Pay Request (which will be sent to Crew Pay). 

Note: It is preferred that the Purser on the pairing complete the holding pay form to request holding pay for the entire crew. This is preferred in an effort to avoid the submission of multiple requests for the same flight segment.

For additional information concerning holding pay or the details of differentiating Flight Time Accrual versus Holding Pay contact your Local Council Representatives.

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