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Following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 20, 2019

Source: Elines

As we continue flying with each following the operational merge, we’re becoming more comfortable with each other and collaborating to accomplish the work that needs to be done on the aircraft. This includes merging our different styles and taking alternate approaches to solving any given problem.  In other cases, we continue to have differences in opinion on the best approach to accomplish various tasks. The good news is that we’re working together, talking to each other in order to accomplish the best outcome. Where we should not have differences is in those areas that involve compliance with FAA directives.

Flight Attendants are reminded that aircraft are certified with Flight Attendants occupying specific cabin jumpseats for taxi, take-off and landing.  Flight Attendants are positioned in these jumpseats to not only position Flight Attendants near the exits for which they would become responsible if an evacuation were to become necessary, but also to maximize Flight Attendants view of the cabin interior and our passengers during taxi, take-off and landing.

We strongly encourage Flight Attendants to complete safety checks using the Link device and by referring to the information contained in the eFAOM.  In an instance where this is a misunderstanding about which cabin jumpseat is to be occupied for taxi, takeoff and landing, always refer to the eFAOM to resolve any difference(s) of opinion. In every instance, safety is a responsibility that we all have to each other, our airline and our profession. By using the common reference on which we all rely to ensure compliance with all applicable FARs, we can guarantee our collective success.

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