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Buddy Bidding

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 17, 2019

Source: Elines

Flight Attendants that wish to fly with a friend or particular flying partner have the ability to utilize the Buddy Bid option when submitting their monthly bid. A Buddy Bid allows for two Flight Attendants to potentially be awarded the same schedule/ line award and provided for in the language of section 7.B.6.13 of out contract.



“Two (2) active Flight Attendants who are assigned to the same Base and want to fly a line of time together may "buddy" bid. Flight Attendants who wish to bid to fly together must both indicate this on their bid screens and must submit identical bids. The bids of both Flight Attendants will be honored according to the seniority of the junior Flight Attendant. Flight Attendants who are buddy bidding will be allowed to position bid.” JCBA 7.B.6.13 Flying Together


Flight Attendants who wish to utilize this provision must be based out of the same domicile. The line awarded will be determined by the seniority of the more Junior Flight Attendant. When inputting their bid request, each must check the box to indicate their intent to submit a Buddy Bid. Additionally, they must mirror the bids of the other when submitting their bids.  


All Flight Attendants may buddy bid regardless of their International Purser, Language, or Reserve qualification. However, since the line award is based on what the junior Flight Attendant can hold it may be more challenging to be awarded a buddy bid when bidding with a Flight Attendant from a different sub-base. 


For questions concerning Buddy bidding, contact your Local Council Office.

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