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Booking Travel to CQ when Traveling from your Home to Training

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 17, 2019



Source: Elines


Flight Attendants attending required training away from their domicile (Section 11.C.3.)  who are required to travel to attend training at a location away from their base may elect to travel to the training location from her/his home or domicile location.  If traveling from your base, all training pairings are built with the required deadhead travel to/from your base.


If you elect to travel from you home, you are also permitted to do so. To accomplish this, first contact Crew Scheduling to update your training pairing to reflect “FAKE” deadhead segments. This will ensure proper pay and credit.  Once this is completed, list for training travel through employeeRES. Once booked, you must request authorization via Help Hub (Ticket Authorization Request) for approval. Your request will be reviewed, and once approved; you will receive an email within 24 hours at your corporate email address. 


When booking, select “Training Travel (Authorization Required)” from the Travel Type drop-down menu. When using this option, travel will automatically be booked as a PS0U boarding priority. The “Training Travel” option is only available on the EmployeeRes full site. It is not available when using the United app.


Additional information can be found in our JCBA, Section 11.C.3. For questions concerning travel procedures contact your Local Council Representatives. 

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