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Seniority Option

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 25, 2019

Source: Elines

The question of whether or not a more senior Flight Attendant has the ability to senior opt a more junior Flight Attendant from a purser position is presented with some regularity.  We suspect this is likely the case because there are some differences depending on the type of flying, domestic or international, as well as how the position has been assigned to the Flight Attendant who in the position. 


Domestic “A” Position 


At the airport, only an open bid position is available for senior option.


As provided for in Section 7.O.7., a Reserve in the “A” position may be opted from the position by a more senior Flight Attendant whose pairing contains identical segments.


If a more senior Flight Attendant opts for the open bid position, the Reserve Flight Attendant assumes the position vacated by the more senior Flight Attendant. 


A Reserve may only be opted from a position once. 


If the Purser “A” position is picked up from open time, seniority option shall be permitted among the Flight Attendants on the same pairing or any pairing with identical flight segments.


International Purser Position

There are some distinct differences for Flight Attendants who pick up International Purser pairings.


A Reserve International Purser may only be opted by a senior International Purser.


An international Purser has priority over a non-International Purser and may senior opt into the International Purser Position.  For example, as the result of a reassignment, an International Purser or International Purser Reserve is assigned to a pairing having no International Purser. However, for any sequence that is already in motion where the International Purser position has been filled by a non-International Purser qualified Flight Attendant, once filled, the position remains filled.  This means that a non-International Purser qualified Flight Attendant cannot be senior opted mid-sequence even by an International Purser qualified Flight Attendant.  


A senior Flight Attendant may senior opt into the International Purser position if no International Purser is onboard and the International Purser position is assigned to another International Purser qualified Reserve.


If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

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