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Reserve Trip Advertisements – Trading Days Off & Pairings

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 05, 2019

Source: Elines

Per the JCBA Reserve Flight Attendants have several options for scheduling flexibility. One of the negotiated options is the ability to advertise an assigned trip. With this option a Reserve assigned a trip has the ability to gain additional days off should their assignment be picked by a line holder. 

Section 8.J.4 of our JCBA provides: 

Once a Reserve has been assigned a pairing, she/he shall have the ability to trade a pairing for days off with a Lineholder. The Reserve guarantee shall be reduced based on the number of available days vacated. If a multi-day trip is vacated by a Reserve pursuant to this paragraph, the Reserve may contact Scheduling to restore Reserve days and guarantee for all days the trip vacated, except the first day. 

To clarify, if a Reserve was assigned a multi-day trip by crew scheduling and she/he wishes to drop the trip, the awarded trip can be posted on the advertisement board on the eBB in CCS. If the trip is picked up by a Lineholder, the Reserve has two options; they can either 

1.    Keep the days off with a reduction in her/his Reserve guarantee based on the number of availability days vacated, or 

2.    If a multi-day pairing is vacated by a Reserve, she/he may contact Crew Scheduling and ask to be placed back in the Reserve pool by restoring Reserve days and guarantee for all days of the vacated pairing, except the first day.

Note: When returned to the Reserve pool, she/he will receive her/his Reserve Guarantee, that is for the days they are available or the value of the trip should they be awarded one. This practice only works for multi-day pairings. The first day of a multi-day trip cannot be restored nor can a one-day turn be restored. 

For additional information please contact your Local Reserve Committee. 

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