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Questions on Satellite Bases

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 01, 2019

Source: Elines 

Questions on Satellite Bases 

The period during which transfer requests to fill vacancies at the Satellite Bases in MCO, PHX and SAN may be submitted is now open and will remain open until Monday, June 24, 2019 at 0800 CT.

We’ve received a number of questions, some of which were included in the Satellite Base FAQ.   As a reminder, additional information on the Satellite bases can be found on unitedafa.org. 

Q:    In the event the company were to close or downsize any of the Satellite Bases, where will I go?

A:    Should any of the Satellite bases prove to be unsuccessful resulting in a reduction in force or a closure, as provided for in the Satellite Base LOA #24, Flight Attendants will be returned to the geographic domicile from which they originally transferred and will have priority over any voluntary transfers on file to the location.

Q:    Am I eligible to transfer while I am on a Leave of Absence?

A:    A Flight Attendant on Leave of Absence may request and will be granted a transfer consistent with the requirements of Section 15.A.5. of the JCBA

Q:    If I am currently inhibited from transfer because I have recently either accepted or declined a transfer, will I be able to submit a transfer to one of the Satellite Bases?

A:     By the mutual agreement of the Company and AFA, the transfer inhibits provided for in Section 17.A.2 & 3. will be waived for transfers into the Satellite bases.  Transfers to any existing bases will continue to be inhibited and for this reason you may not appear in seniority order in CCS.  For this reason and as an exception to the normal process, the company is manually preparing a transfer list that will place otherwise inhibited Flight Attendants in the proper seniority order.

Q:   Where can I find the transfer list to each of the Satellite Bases?

A:    Separate transfer lists to each of the three Satellite locations can be found on the Flying Together Website.   

Q:    Will the company be preparing sample pairings and lines of flying for the Satellite Bases?

A:    It is important to remember that Flight Attendants who will transfer to these newly established Satellite Bases will carry any awarded vacation.  For this reason, the company will not know who has vacation and which vacation periods they hold until the transfer award is complete.  For this reason, it is difficult to project how the assigned flying will be balanced and exactly what the nature of the pairings assigned will look like.  It is also important to recognize that each of these Satellite bases will be somewhat subject to seasonal changes in flying where flying increases during certain times of the year and is reduced at others.  If is for this reason the company is restricting the size of these Satellite Bases to ensure that the population can be maintained during high and low seasons.

It is expected that the flying assigned at these locations will somewhat resemble other domestic flying – 1-day, 2-day and 3-day pairings are expected.  The number of 4-day pairings, while perhaps necessary at certain times of the year, may not be as prevalent.

As with other bases, line averages will likely vary based on the time of year and the amount of flying assigned to maintain the profitability of the station. 

In terms of sample lines and pairings, it is not anticipated that these will be available.  The system can only generate pairings based on the current flying schedule which might result in an inaccurate view of the flying assigned all of which is affected not only by the aircraft schedule into and out of the location, but also Flight Attendant vacations.

Q:   What percentage of the domicile will be on Reserve?   Will I know before I transfer if I will be assigned to Reserve?

A:     The exact percentage of Reserves at each of the Satellite Bases will not be immediately known because of the unknown vacation liability.   The intent is to manage and operate these locations in a highly efficient manner.   It is important to understand that these Satellite bases will be smaller microcosms of larger bases.  However, because of the reduced number of Flight Attendants assigned at the location, changes to flying will have a more dramatic impact at these locations.   Those situated as the most junior Flight Attendants at the Satellite base should be prepared for some variability in their schedule where they may, at times, serve Reserve while flying from where they live. 

Q:    What state taxes will I pay if I am based at one of the Satellite bases?

A:     State income taxes vary from State to State and will be determined by the address at which you live.  For example, someone living in Florida will pay different State taxes than someone commuting to the base who may live in Georgia.

Q:    If I am based at the MCO Satellite, and because MCO Is a satellite of the EWR geographic base, will I be required to pay State of Newark disability?                            

A:    Again, these questions are specific to your individual circumstance.  Disability taxes are paid based on where you reside and where you are based.  For example, if you are based in California but live elsewhere, state disability withholding is required in the same way this withholding is required for residents of the State of California.

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