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Negotiated Schedule Flexibility Options

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 05, 2019

Source: Elines 

Scheduling flexibility is a key component of the JCBA. Flight Attendants have the ability to trade trips with open time, with their fellow flying partners, or to drop trips via the advertisement board. Additional scheduling tools to promote flexibility include PTO (Personal Time Off), PD (Personal Drop), and DATV (Day at a Time Vacation). 

The chart below outlines the general rules for time off requests. All time off requests are submitted on the EBB (Electronic Bulletin Board) under the “requests” drop down menu. 

Time off option

When to submit

When it’s awarded

How it’s awarded

PTO (Personal Time off)

·Can be submitted up until 0001 of the current day.

·First award 15 days in advance Second award 5 days in advance.

·Awarded15days in advance or5days in advance. Unused slots may be awarded up until 0001 of the requested day.

·Each FA has 8 days a year.

·Awarded on a seniority basis a day at a time.

PD (Personal Drop)

·Can be submitted one or two days in advance.

·Awarded daily based on operational requirements.

·Granted on a first come, first serve basis.

DATV (Day at a Time Vacation)

·A request for the current day can be submitted up until the report time of the first trip scheduled on the current day and up to 2359 for a reserve day on, on the current day.

·After the award of relief lines and before the beginning of the month, day at a time vacation days, when available, shall be awarded in seniority order.

·Each FA may take up to ten vacation days separate from his/her awarded vacation period(s).

·Throughout the month, day at a time vacation days shall be available to the extent that regular personal drops are available and day at a time vacation days have equal priority.

*Note: once awarded DATV, a Flight Attendant does not have the option to then call and request Vacation Fly Through. The DATV cannot be flown though. 

For more information about time off requests, review past E-lines articles How to Submit PTO and PD and PTO Clarified,or contact your Local Council Representatives.

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