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Calculating Holiday Pay for HKG & U. S. Domiciles for July 2019 Holidays

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 25, 2019

Source: Elines


Our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) requires that Flight Attendants receive additional pay for flight assignments flown on designated holidays as outlined in Section 2.Q. 

As designated in our previous communications, July 1and July 4th are paid holidays for Flight Attendants in HKG and all U.S. domiciles, effective with the July bid month. 

As set forth in Section 4.I. of our JCBA, Holiday Pay is calculated using a formula that takes into account the number of credited hours flown during the holiday pairing and the time away from home during the pairing. A Flight Attendant’s hours away from home begins at the pairing check-in time and ends at the conclusion of the scheduled debriefing time upon return to the home domicile. The following charts and examples detail the specifics of calculating designated holiday pay

Note: Premium pay is not included when determining holiday pay. 

Additional information concerning holiday pay and the specific details of when the holiday pay associated with a scheduled pairing is affected by one of the following instances can be found on unitedafa.org:

Trip Cancels with no Reassignment
En route (Mid-sequence) Sick Leave
Deadhead Deviation 
Drafting from ID with Time on a Holiday 

For questions or concerns contact your Local Council Representatives.

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