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Picking Up Flying on Reserve Days Off - Following a Lineholder Trip

Source: AFA

Date: May 31, 2019

Source: Elines 

We have recently clarified the process by which a Lineholder may pick up a trip on Reserve days off 
in the new month which immediately follows the last trip of the Lineholder month without regard to whether or not there is a carryover into the new (Reserve) month:

1.    The Flight Attendant must first contact crew scheduling and specify the Reserve day(s) off on which she/he would like to pick up a trip.

2.    The scheduler would remove the OFF day(s) and waive the minimum day off requirement.

3.    The scheduler would change the designation for each day from
"R" to "L".

4.    The Flight Attendant would then be able to pick up a trip on the desired days using the automated means in CCS.

This may be accomplished at any time once the new month's (Reserve) schedule has been loaded. There is no need for the Flight Attendant to wait until they have completed the Lineholder pairing nor is there a requirement for Crew Scheduling to “release” the Lineholder to pick up the trip. 


A Flight Attendant on Lineholder status may waive her/his legal rest down to the trip trade/pick-up minimum waiver rest provided for in JCBA Sections 6.V.2. and 6.W.3.:


First, it is important to remember that the amount of legal rest required by JCBA Sections 6.U., 6.V. and 6.W. is governed by the type of flying in the preceding duty period and for the purposes of this article, we are only reviewing Legal Rest at home.  Keep in mind, the Flight Attendant’s status during the preceding pairing (Lineholder or Reserve) must be considered because of the different legal rest requirements of JCBA Section 8.I.3.a. which provides, “twelve (12) hours free from duty at the home domicile shall constitute the minimum legal rest for Reserves.”


Said another way, a Flight Attendant’s ability to exercise the trip trade/pick-up waiver provisions set forth in JCBA Sections 6.V.2. and 6.W.3. is directly dependent upon her/his status for the pairing that immediately precedes the pick-up or trade. Concisely,


  • If a Flight Attendant is coming from a Lineholder trip, she/he may waive the legal rest down in order to pick up a trip on Reserve days off that immediately follow the trip.
  • If, however, the Flight Attendant is coming from a Reserve trip, she/he may not waive the legal rest below the required Reserve legal rest period in order to pick up a trip on Reserve days off that immediately follow the trip.

NOTE:  Trips picked up on Reserve days off are considered Lineholder trips for the purposes of legal rest requirements. Therefore, a Reserve Flight Attendant may waive the legal rest to the trip trade/pick up minimum home rest in order to pick up/trade a subsequent additional trip(s) within the same block of Reserve days off.


If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.

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