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Line Holder Transition to Reserve Status

Source: AFA

Date: May 24, 2019

Source: Elines 

With the recent line award there were many lineholder Flight Attendants that have been awarded a Reserve line for the month of June. The end of month process transitioning from a lineholder to a reserve is its own unique process and has left many Flight Attendants asking for clarification.  Flight Attendants are encouraged to review with the  One United publication on Flying Together…

“At the time a Reserve Flight Attendant becomes a Lineholder she/he will remain on Reserve status until released by Scheduling. This will occur at the end of the last pairing assignment of the bid month in which she/he is a Reserve Flight Attendant or on the last day of the month, whichever is later. No days off are restored as a result of carry-over trips unless the resulting loss reduces the Flight Attendant's days off below the applicable minimum. In cases where a Lineholder is returning to Reserve duty all conflicting days off will be restored so that the published amount of days off remains.”

The key details to note are that a lineholder completes their scheduled trips prior to beginning their Reserve schedule. Their legal rest remains that of a lineholder until they serve their first day on Reserve. It is also important to note that days off will NOT be restored due to a carry-over trip unless it brings the Reserve below the required minimum days off.

For additional information about End of Month Transitions please reference the Reserve guide at unitedafa.org or contact your Local Reserve Committee.

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