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Flight Advance Recovery Process

Source: AFA

Date: Apr 06, 2019

Source: Elines

As the final payroll process to be harmonized, this week Payroll sent an e-mail to all Flight Attendants bringing to the forefront the company’s plan to do so.


A Flight Advance Recovery is necessary when a Flight Attendant receive a first of the month flight advance which she/he has not fully earned.  By way of background, the value of the Flight Attendant first of the month advance is determined at or around the 20th of the prior month.  The flight advance is calculated using your flight time credit plus any hours display in your base rate add pay items.  Base pay is determined by multiplying 71 by the Flight Attendant’s hourly rate of pay.  


If a Flight Attendant has 50 hours or more, she/he will receive a full advance which is 70% of your base pay.  

If a Flight Attendant has 30 hours – 49:59 hours, she/he will receive ½ of an advance or 35% of your base pay.

A Flight Attendant having 29:59 or less will receive no flight advance. 


After the 20th of the month, if a Flight Attendant takes action on her/his line to reduce her/his flight time credit, examples include personal day or RDO of assigned pairings, that reduces her/his flight time credit below the fifty (50) hours, she/he will have been paid a flight advance to which she/he is not entitled based on the end of month total flying.  When this occurs, the flight advance recovery process is necessary.


This communication is not suggesting that you are in this position.  Rather, this communication is intended to bring to your attention an upcoming change to the business process when addressing unearned flight advances.

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