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Training (CQ) and Meeting Compensation

Source: AFA

Date: Mar 01, 2019

Source: Elines

Section 11 of our JCBA provides for compensation when Flight Attendants attend training and meetings, including travel when training is conducted at a location away from our home base.  Specifically, Section 11.B.1 & 2. Provide for minimum levels of compensation, that is pay and credit, for each day of training, home study & computer based (CBT) training. Training pay for CBTs will appear in your Pay Register once you have completed the classroom training, for example, CQ.

Section 11.B.3. provides that Flight Attendants who are required to deadhead in order to attend training at a location away from her/his base shall receive one hour (1:00) of flight time pay and credit for each hour of deadhead travel to and from training up to a maximum of five hours (5:00) for deadhead to training and a maximum of five hours (5:00) for deadhead from training.

Section 11.B.4. of our JCBA provides the guidelines for how Flight Attendants who are required to drop trips to attend training/meetings because the training or meeting was not offered on days off in the Flight Attendant’s originally awarded line of flying.  In this circumstance, the Flight Attendant will be able to elect either to be released from duty with no pay protection (i.e. reduction in guarantee) for non-training/meeting days or to be protected in accordance with the provisions of Section 7.Q.  If electing to do so, a lineholder shall receive full pay and credit for the trip(s) missed or the training/meeting plus any credit from reassigned trip(s), whichever is greater.

Flight Attendants who are on Reserve shall receive the flight time pay and credit value for the training pairing toward their monthly line value. (RIGs do not apply for any pairings for training/meetings.)

Contact your Local Council if you have additional questions. 

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